2014-03-16 - Hawaiian Luau at the UMC - 006 - Cropped



I’m Jack Winters. I spend most of my time studying and acquiring knowledge and wisdom in all subjects but primarily in topics such as; sacred geometry, time and space, human and alien genetics, extra-terrestrials, astronomy, astrology, ancient temples, synergy, prophecy, linguistics, mythology and ancient magic.

My hobbies include reading, investing, collecting coins, playing video games, watching women sing and dance, cooking and woodworking.

I am currently developing my small business and entrepreneurial skills with a focus on eCommerce as well as book, internet and media publishing. One of my long term visions is to own and operate a hotel as I love the travel industry. I love Southeast Asia. My favorite place in the United States is Lake Tahoe. I love cats. I like to cook. When I’m eating outside of the house I usually like pizza or burgers.


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